Monday, September 29, 2008

JC Cafe - 3.6/5

Non descript – decent food

Two reasons for checking out this place: (a) Some rave reviews by other foodies and (b) its close to my office.

The first question on seeing this place was ‘Whoa! This is good real estate.. whats a non descript café doing here?’ Of course, then came the missionary back ground and things fit onto place.

The interiors are pistachio green and furniture a mix of plane Jane diners and a sofa set. It was after office hours and I crashed on the sofa. They had some good reading material and lot of biblical literature. They had nice gospel music playing. ‘Its South (U.S) so the lyrics are good’ I was told. Oh, like that ah? I thought.

I began chatting up the owner and ordered my food. I ordered a club sandwich and lasagna.

Club Sandwich – the menu screamed ‘tough to handle’ or something like that. ‘Good’ I thought. I was hungry and nice portions were welcome. But what came was a disappointment. Though the French fries were good, the sandwich in itself pretty ordinary. A club sandwich is well…. a CLUB sandwich! Mammoth volumes of fillings with an evenly toasted exterior is what a clubbie is – not three toasted slices with mid some filling’s! Was’nt too happy.

Chicken Lasagna – Remember that last ball six that Javed Miandad hit at Sharjah? The chicken lasagna was some thing like that and came just in time to salvage what ever the sandwich had let me down on. It was sooper awesome. The portions were great and no kanjoosi with the chicken. And honey, garlic bread is not ‘modern bread’ toasted with butter with a garlic essence. It’s a wholesome piece of bread by itself. Anyways, it was good and nicely priced at Rs. 125. If you go for the combo you get some more stuff @ Rs. 150/-

If any of you want to ‘get lost’ and don’t want to be seen, this is the place. Catch up with all the magazines, listen to some music and generally laze. 

Oh, yours truly could not resist giving the owner a few tips on what menu should be like :) “Lebanese and Arabic would be exotic” said me. “Oh thanks, we’ll keep that in mind”.

So, if you're close to Nungambakkama and hunger pangs strikes and inflation conscious and also have a hungry girl friend to feed, drop into this place. It's non descript. Chances of being spotted here is the same as the BSE hitting 21,000 next week.

Where: 10,Jagannathan St. While on nungambakkam high road, take the left before HDFC Bank; take the 2nd right from there. You can reach them at 044-64610767

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