Monday, September 29, 2008

Cascade - 5/5

Reviewing this place is a bit like reviewing Dravid’s foot work. Well, not exactly, but you get the drift right? The place has been cherished by foodies for a quite a while for now. 

We’ll come to the food later. The Cascade is one of the most elegantly and art fully done up restaurants in town. In terms of size this isn’t too big but the minimalist décor gives the place a good airy feel. The furniture is not assembly line either. Few in the middle are circular and the ones in corners square’ish, leading to a very aesthetic look. 

Food now. The menu comes in well bound leather and the staffs gladly explain house specialties. A light starter is served on house while you make up your mind on what to order. Beware, portions here are really big. But unless you’re gunning for size zero, don’t bother. Order what you want and pamper your self. 

The mixed sea food lemon grass soup was good. So were the crispy chicken wantons. I’ve never tried the Dim Sums here though. Tasted them enough at the Tibetan eateries up north east. Coming back to the soup, we ordered a ½ and after we were served, we had to check with the staff if it was 4/2. Ok, we didn’t do that but you can figure out the portions right? Meanwhile, the starters arrived and the prawns were good. Not too fried, just perfect. Chicken Satay was next. They were kinda light on the peanut flavor. They were good and were really a mouth full. Next was Phuket Fish. It was lightly fried and then curried. They went well with the fried onions. We ordered a mixed sea food fried rice and that was enough to feed a Panda. Desserts were regulation fried dates with ice cream and were good. 

If the food made you feel good till now, the check will make you feel wonderful! For a restaurant at the locale it is and class it is in the prices are definitely reasonable. On the whole, perfect place for a wholesome meal with friends/colleagues or for a date.

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VinnyR said...

The only warning I'll give is that the Dim Sum is not freshly made. It is reheated from frozen. How do I know? We ordered some veg and chicken dim sum that was still frozen in the middle when it arrived at the table :-(

Otherwise the food is great though.