Monday, September 29, 2008

Barista - 4/5

Nothing great about this place except that its on Chennai High Street and is next door to office.

When do I go there?

-         When there’s no work

-         When there’s a lot of work

-         When I’m itching to spend some money

-         When I don’t have money

-         When I’m out walking to get some exercise

Why do I go there?

-         Chocolate Excess 

-         Hot Brownies

-         A combination of the above with Vanilla and Chocolate Sauce

Every time I have one of these I feel like Edward Hyde.


sansmerci said...

haha thats a very cute one .. din c that on burrp? i think it deserves to be put up there..

and hey m blogrolling u :)

Baidik said...

Whatte honour :) Romba Thanks!

Yup.. Lemme put that up on Burrp.

Siddharth said...

Good blog mate, especially if one's hungry ;)

Last week I wen't to the Barista near SRK's house.

Have they opened Costa Coffee in madras yet?

Baidik said...

Nah dude.. We'll have to make do with Ratna Cafe till then :)

Deepak G said...

hey dude write something abt namma chennai hotels and kaiyendi bhavans da...